Norway’s new Pixelated banknotes

Norges Bank in Norway announced earlier today that designs by two Oslo based studios were chosen to feature on their new banknotes. They will arrive in circulation during 2017.

Snøhetta’s pixellated design looks great, the design features art from the coastline of Norway. The amount of pixelation/distorts the wind speed at the time. Although, on the other hand, you could also say that the wind speed is in direct proportion to the banknotes value. In this case, 50 being the weakest and 1000 being the strongest.

“Snøhetta’s design, ‘Beauty of Boundaries’, renders images from the Norwegian coastal landscape in a pixellated form. Using a modern visual language, they aimed to respresent where the sea and land meet…”

The back of the new notes represent a more traditional approach. It features beautiful illustration of seafaring objects and other buildings, these were designed by the Metric System.

[Original image source: Creative Review]

Front of the new notes

Norway 50 krone pixelated banknotes

Norway 100 krone pixelated banknotes

Norway 200 krone pixelated banknotes

Norway 500 krone pixelated banknotes

Norway 1000 krone pixelated banknotes

Reverse of the news notes

Norway 50 krone illustrated reverse banknote

Norway 100 krone illustrated reverse banknote

Norway 200 krone illustrated reverse banknote

Norway 500 krone illustrated reverse banknote

Norway 1000 krone illustrated reverse banknote



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