Modernism in CSS

Being a huge lover of modernist design and the “swiss style”, I feel there is something missing from todays digital platform! The traditional style of modernism lacked on the screen!

I stumbled across this link in my Twitter feed the other day and thought I’d share it! There are attempts to produce the feeling of clean, modern design on screen, presently it just isn’t the same as print! Fortunately CSS allows the well crafted designs of Josef Muller-Brockmann and Hans Neuburg to be bought to screen! The genius behind this project is Jon Yablonski! I’ve shared a few of my favourite modernism pieces below, but please visit the Swiss in CSS website to help support the creative behind the work!

The work created using CSS3 is well crafted. All things considered the output is far superior to anything I have seen to date. As a Graphic Design and growing developer this is what I aspire to create. In fact this is one of the reason that has driven me to learn modern standard is development. The effects displayed are only achievable digitally. Moreover I feel that the motion created by CSS and Javascript adds a whole other depth to the creative.

See the Pen Juni Festwochen Zürich (1959) by Jon Yablonski (@jonyablonski) on CodePen.0

See the Pen Konstruktive Grafik by Jon Yablonski (@jonyablonski) on CodePen.0

See the Pen Tonhalle-Quartett by Jon Yablonski (@jonyablonski) on CodePen.0

See the Pen Zürich Tonhalle (1955) by Jon Yablonski (@jonyablonski) on CodePen.0

See the Pen Zürich-Tonhalle (1958) by Jon Yablonski (@jonyablonski) on CodePen.0


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